Tuesday, September 22, 2009

woot! 60!

Wow! I'm now at 60 followers already! (And there is always room for more!)

Thank you so much for following me and my creative brain :)

I ordered my final project pieces last night ... Hope to post the new giveaway item by this coming Sunday - September 27th, 2009 :)

So please stay tuned! Be sure to vote in my poll - and tell all your friends - hehe - I love comments and any input on how I can make Creative Fly Designz a better more creative venue for all :)

Thank you again for following me and sharing your thoughts :)


  1. Love your blog! Glad i started following you :) I'll make sure to check back for your giveaway. Mine's almost done, 2 more days until I close it up and get ready to announce the winner! :) I have to admit though - think i made my giveaway last too long lol. It was my first one, so i figured hey, 3 weeks sounds good. Ya, i think people have started to forget they even entered it! Next time i'll deffinately shorten it! hehe

  2. Thanks! And yes, i hope i'm feeling better soon too lol. I can't do ANYTHING right now.. I can only stand and lie down. No sitting. Makes it very hard to crochet, network on the computer, and draw. Oy!

  3. Hi CFdesignz!
    Following through with my Etsy forums promise and following your blog! Great stuff here. Glad I found you!