Monday, November 30, 2009

I love etsy feature!

I've been featured!!

Thanks Nicole!!

Cafe Handmade feature!

Please check out my feature on Cafe Handmade and vote for me :)

Thanks Cafe handmade for this wonderful opportunity!!!

Cyber Monday!!!

Please be sure to check out my Holiday Special Promotion - Today is the last day to take advantage of getting a FREE "Snowball" Aromigurumi Mini with any purchase! And dont forget, if you are a public blog follower, I'm also giving you free shipping!!! All you have to do is include the user name you follow me in the note to seller and then I'll refund the cost of shipping back to you using paypal!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Petsjubilee Gift Guide

Hey Everyone!! Do you have a fur ball that is the love of your life? Be sure to check out this awesome gift guide provided by Petsjubilee!!! Great Etsy shops featuring wonderful handmade pet products, and a great savings to you!

Kitties need Aromigurumis too!

I'm happy to announce that I have been inspired to branch out my Aromigurumis and I now have Aromigurumis for Kitties!!!

Different colored dangling creatures crocheted and then filled with either catnip or jingle bells for you and your kitty to have some play time! These great handmade toys were inspired by my original Aromigurumis and a fellow Etsy shop member making a comment that the Aromigurumis were kinda had an animal feel (thanks Petsjubilee)... and every time I am in the middle of creating an Aromigurumi our kitties are always trying to play with the yarn ... so from that night on ... Aromigurumis for Kitties were born :)

Please see my Etsy shop for more details and other designz!!!

thanks all for reading! Hope you are having a wonderful and safe shopping weekend!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Feature!

What a wonderful surprise this morning! I signed into etsy, and had a convo from the folks over at and they have chosen to feature my black aromigurumi I post yesterday under their feature of Black crafts for Black Friday :)

here's the link - check it out!

What a great website to follow if you are a fellow geek :) I'll sure be following it now!

Thanks GeekCrafts!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to take a moment and wish everyone and their families a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!! May the day be filled with great friends and family and many wonderful memories!

I would also like to share this awesome promotion that is holding from now until Christmas! They have this awesome program called Feed It Forward 2009. You can send anyone in the USA a $10 gift certificate for free. You can send out 30 a day!! Then your recipient can just do a city or zip code search to find somewhere to eat with a $10 discount. Here in the Fort Myers area, there were a bunch to choose from. I know each day I'll be sending out these great gifts to everyone I know and I wanted to share so you can do the same!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Special!!

Ooh .. what do you see .. a new blog banner! I wanted to post this early so we can all get ready for the Holiday Shopping weekend!

I'm happy to announce I'm having a great Holiday Special on my Etsy shop!

FREE "Snowball" Aromigurumi mini with any purchase!
(one per shop guest and transaction please)

You pick the scent .. I'll pick the eye color :)
Just be sure to include your scent in the note to seller!

AND ... for being a public blog follower - I'm giving you all "FREE SHIPPING", if paid through Paypal, make your purchase matching the Etsy invoice, and then I will credit you back the shipping cost. (Just be sure to include your username in the note to seller)

This promotion will be active November 27th (Black Friday 12:01am est. through November 30th (Cyber Monday 11:59pm est.)

See you this weekend!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New beginnings

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I am now with Keller Williams Realty in Fort Myers, FL. In the process of getting started, one of the first steps is to build a contact list, especially of those who are interested in Real Estate. So, I'm including a post here on this blog in regards to my new career to see if any of my readers are interested in any real estate information for the Southwest Florida area.

If you are interested in occasionally receiving an email or even a post card in the mail related to real estate information for both buyers and sellers, please email me at with your name, email, and home address.

Our lovely etsy community has always put the confidence in my creations, and here I have a new journey I'm starting. I do hope it will be just as fun to build a fan base, and a following network within this new field of business for me. I will be starting an additional blog about my journey and real estate information about the area I will be mastering, here in Florida. Once that is up, I will post a link about it here, but for the most part, I do plan to keep the 2 separate, as they should be :)

I just wanted to take this time again to thank all my readers and followers. It's because of you that keeps me going, and creating everyday!

(Oh and dont fret! new collections for Creative Fly Designz are in the works! Something for our furry friends, and even a new collection that would be considered "supplies")

Oh and yes, I realized last week just flew by once again and here it's tuesday again. Those who responded to my forum post on Etsy will get featured this week some time. Most likely by Thursday evening!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We have a winner!!!

A winner has been selected for the 3rd Blog Giveaway! Congratulations goes to Mona!!

Thank you so much for everyone's input on their favorite items in my shop and all the following support! I will be hosting another giveaway shortly! I now can celebrate going over 1000 followers on twitter! Hopefully my blog followers will continue to grow as well!

thank you again for reading my blog and supporting my love for creativity!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November already - here's an update!

Hey everyone .. I hope you all are doing well! I've had alot going on in the last couple weeks, and today I'm proud to announce that I am officially employed with Keller Williams in Fort Myers, FL. I signed onto the company yesterday. It's been quite a journey to get to this point, but a fun one, and interesting one. I knew very little about real estate, then I jumped in head first into a crash course, to learn all I'll need to know to pass the state exam. Did you know there are at least 28 versions of the exam, and they can ask you anything related to Real Estate on it? It took me a handful of attempts, but after figuring out how to understand the wording and context of what they were asking me, I finally passed my state exam on October 20th, 2009. I want to thank my husband and my family for supporting me and encouraging me to continue with this new-to-me career option :)

So with all that said, If you are looking for a house in Lee County of Florida, or looking at selling your own, feel free to contact me :) - hehe - I had to throw that in there :)

Also, because I will be working from an office, and not from home, My Ten Dollar Tue$days may take a little more time to prepare. But I do believe in helping new etsians and promoting their work, so I may just collaborate my 10 shops and post it weekly, I just don't know which day of the week. But in Honor of the original Tuesday feature, I'll probably keep it the same name, since I should be able to post it in the evening once I get home from work. :) - hopefully that makes sense. - With that all mentioned, if you already follow my blog, and want to have a spot in the feature, please leave a comment at the end of this post with up to 3 items that are $10 or less for me to choose from, I like to try and have a variety of items for people to see what all is out there that is either handmade or vintage at affordable prices, especially with the holidays coming up.

Also now in the month of November, I will be contacting those who responded a while back to a post I made about Newbies for November. I would like to include new shops along the right side of my blog and feature you for the month of November using a mini-etsy code - like I had the Breast Cancer Awareness items featured in October. I'll get those convos out this week to those who contacted me, I am thinking I will feature 5 shops at a time on a weekly basis, it will all depend what kind of response I have to this feature.

OK, I've rambled on enough for now - I appreciate all of you who read my blog, and dont forget, my thanks to you - my blog giveaway is still open, I will be randomly picking a name on Saturday, so be sure to get your entries in!