Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow! It's Tuesday already!!

Wow! Where did the week go!!! We now have the 3rd installment of Ten Dollar Tue$days!
Here are 10 shops, 10 items, all $10 or less!!!
Be sure to click the links of the descriptions to learn more about the shops and the items.

Orange Swirls Zippered Pouch from advenphoto

I do hope you enjoyed this 3rd installment list of Ten Dollar Tue$days!
Handmade items are a great gift for anyone you know, and this list should help you find those great pieces of art and soul at affordable prices for any budget :)

**I'm always looking for new shops, and new items and ideas to feature for Ten Dollar Tue$days - so if you would like to be featured, comment on this post with your 3 fav items from your shop that are $10 or less, and watch the etsy forums to see what else I'm looking for :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Creative Fly Designz Blog Giveaway #3!!

I'm quite excited to announce my next blog giveaway! Alot has happened in the last few weeks with Creative Fly Designz and I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out my designz and items for sale through Etsy. Wow! I have over 600 followers on twitter now! And over 100 blog followers! And oh my goodness - over 100 hearts on my Etsy shop! I'm honored, I'm really happy to have this blog and be able to share my randomness and creativity with who ever else shares those passions. My inspiration comes from my husband. Without him my life would be boring and dull. We feed off each other's ideas and creativity .. watch out world, here we come!

So, in honor of everyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to check on this blog and read about our life, I'm giving away a unique one-of-a-kind wire and glass beaded crocheted necklace. The wire is black, with black round glass beads, silver grey twist beads, and see through pink glass beads. The necklace is about 18 inches in length, but can be gently adjusted a bit by squishing or stretching the wire loops to your preference. The necklace closes with a silver toggle clasp and is about 1 inch wide.

Now, it's real easy to enter this blog giveaway - just head over to Creative Fly Designz on Etsy and pick your favorite item, and then comment here why you like it!

This giveaway will be open from today, October 23rd, 2009 and will close November 7th, 2009 at 10pm eastern standard time.

A winner will randomly chosen using random.org and then be notified via email. If you are the winner, you will have 48 hours to respond. So when entering in your comments, be sure that you leave your email in the comment, or you have your email mentioned in your google profile, etc. so I have a way of contacting you.

If you want more entries, see the list below :)

-- each action yields you another entry - just be sure to leave a separate comment for each to be counted :) --

~ Become a blog follower -- even if you are already, leave an additional comment saying you are :) - this giveaway is because you all follow me - and it's my way of saying thanks!

~ Follow me on twitter @cfdesignz -- then leave a comment here with your twitter (i'll follow back - if you are already following, leave a comment anyways :) - it gives you another entry :)

~ Tweet about this giveaway -- then leave comment with tweet post (use link from date stamp - feel free to tweet about this as much as you like - but only 1 comment/entry here per day) - use this message please << @cfdesignz thanks her followers! Blog giveaway! http://creativeflydesignz.blogspot.com/2009/10/creative-fly-designz-blog-giveaway-3.html >>

~ If you truly do like what I have to offer - Heart my shop on etsy - then leave a comment here - if you already have - make it known here :)

~ Do you blog? Blog about my giveaway and/or Grab my blog button - leave a comment here with link, and if you have a blog button, I'll post it on my blog :)

So there you have it! All the ways to win this fabulous one-of-a-kind Wire and Beaded Crocheted Necklace - can't wait to see who wins!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My husband is so clever!!!

My husband is my best friend, my buddy, my heart and soul! He is so creative and clever and witty, I dont know what I did before I met him ... well sure I know .. I was miserable ...

Anyways ... We are each other's best friend, we are goofy, lovey and everything else in between.

Our latest silliness includes signing up to win geeky stuff - like from tiger direct and compusa .. and now the newest one from geek.com - they are giving away a free laptop - just a leave a comment ... well Wayne's comment was hilarious!!

copied from the original post

<<Like an Honest computer geek my sin would be sloth! Gazing mindlessly into the endless abyss of the new and powerful beauty of the Envy 13. A man sits almost motionless in the dark room. In one hand the old faith Energy drink I take a sip. Placing it back on the desk fumbling for a spot around the 22 other empties it comes to a rest. Hunger is upon him again, but moving from this spot is not an option. Without breaking sight of the glow of excited plasma pixels dancing seductively before him. He blindly begins a search of his surroundings. Arms stretched out in either direction he hears success! A crinkly sound that can only mean one thing CHIPS!. Oh the joy reaching into the bag and quickly pulling out the contents and ramming into his awaiting Gob hole. “BLAH!” Stale WTF!
He breaks from the lustful glow if only a moment to examine the bag. “Best by 10/30/2009″ Surly these could not be stale already! He quickly looks to the bottom right hand of his computer screen.. Yes! yes! its 4 am. Thats standard. Clicking twice the calender appears Yes! yes! still October! and its only the 28th! Then he grows still, as if confronted by a horrible truth! He rubs his eyes, this cant be true. Looking once again with mouth gaped and eyes wider than that 2 girls 1 cup accidental forward to his boss incident. Its! its! 2011!!! He pauses and reflects; hmmmm! wonder if thats a record? And as if nothing has transpired begins to level a new toon. “The Envy 13 demands it!” >>

He is so silly! I love him so much!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aromigurumis = Cute!!!

I'm totally stoked!

Cutehandmade.com has featured me on their website! I'm honored :)

Creative Fly Designz feature on Cutehandmade.com

Thank you for the lovely feature!
Everyone's shops are just so darn cute :) hehe

Be sure to vote for all the cuteness!!! and leave comments too!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten Dollar Tue$days

Here we go folks, the 2nd week of Ten Dollar Tue$days!
10 Different Shops * 10 Different Items * $10 or less!!!

Be sure to click the link of the Etsy Shop name to learn more about the item that is posted :)

A cute reusable tote!!

Stunning bright blue earrings!!

Upcycled bottle art!!

Crocheted resusable dishcloths!!

A beautiful Cityscape photographic print!!

Plantable Thank you cards!!

Too cute for words note cards!!

Upcycled Vintage bracelet!!

Acrylic on canvas original painting!!

Elegant peachy cameo brooch!!


All of these items featured today are for $10 or less (not including shipping - American dollars!)
What an awesome way to invest in handmade items and be friendly to your wallet at the same time!
Next week 10 more shops and 10 more different items ..all for $10 or less!!! Don;t mniss out .. the holidays will be here before you know it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zombicon 09!!!

OMG! We had such a good time! I want to personally thank Dale with Ocasiocasa for sharing the details about this awesome event we have in our sleepy little town of Fort Myers, FL :)

Wayne and I headed downtown about 6pm tonite ... but first we headed over to Spirit halloween shops and had to get some supplies :) - we Zombified ourselves and wow, was it a hit!

Like I said before, we got there about 6ish and checked out the blocked off area of the streets .. then this undead nurse came up to me and asked me if i wanted to donate blood .. I said sure .. they said I would look good in their photos :) ... so .. now I'm down a pint of blood - hehe, but it's for a good cause :)

SO after I gave blood, we got into the group to take part in the first Zombie march through town ... we groaned and moaned and messed with the "normal people" - everyone had a great time - it was awesome, Wayne was a hit .. people were taking pics of us as we stared into space to give them the full effect :)

The Art Show, Dark Arts 3 was a great show too, Dale's husband had a couple pieces in the show - very cool! Hopefully the mystery of the stick gets solved :)

So below are some photos ... Wayne did such an awesome job on our makeup ... not for the weak hearted - hehehehe
- click the photos to see a larger version :)

I'll add more photos later this weekend ... can't wait till next year!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I <3 our kitties!

We have had our kitties since the beginning of this May ... we got them for free, from the same litter, at about 8 weeks old. Now let me start and say, I have never really been a cat person ... I grew up with doggies .. but my husband has had cats in the past and I was open to the idea, as long as I felt we got lucky with affectionate kitties. I think it's great that cats are independant, but come on now .. we all need some lovin', and especially that unconditional love from a pet.

Well, let me share with you, that our cats are independant, BUT they are so in your face affectionate, it's crazy. They are the greatest thing (dont tell our bulldog - hehe) .. our kitties actually come when they are called, and they will just cuddle right up on your chest (and get jealous of the other if the one is closer to my face), it's quite funny. We have had them now, like I said, since May, and they sure have developed their own personalities.

Their names are Zombie Chow and Zyla. Yes, Zombie Chow ... both of their names are actually homage to a game we used to play .. and those who played the game would recognize Zombie Chow's name ... Zyla on the otherhand was the second part of our little joke in our guild (And a toon name I used in that game) ... I would always say "Zombie Chow on Zyla" and our friends would always laugh through ventrilio, I guess it was the way i said it? who knows ... but anyways, we thought it would be fitting, since the kitties are alwaya playing, and at times, Zombie Chow (who is crazy furrier) would pounce on Zyla. It's quite funny actually, they are sisters and you can just tell that they love each other very much! Oh my goodness, don't seperate them for too long, Zyla has lungs on her that is just insane, oh and her purring ... OMG, we call them purr purr kitties, I sometimes have to put them in another room before I attempt to go to sleep it gets so loud!

This post really doesn't have much of a focus does it? Just all random stuff about our kitties - hehe ... anyone have a ramble about their pets? Wait till I talk about the bulldog next week - hehe

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Dollar Tue$days!!!

So here we have it .. my first blog feature .. Ten Dollar Tue$days ...

With the economy in the dumps and the holidays approaching, I wanted to feture items that are affordable, and handmade - so here's 10 items, from 10 shops, $10 and under!

To start us off here is a Christmas card set from ThisNThatCrafthouse

If you are looking for earring for that special someone check out these from MsRiosOriginals

Here's a total cutie one-of-a-kind love doll, for those who need to give that little extra love, from LaBellaAmour

For those who like to keep thier desk or workspace all tidy and decorative, check out what AandRDesignStudios has created to help you do so

Mmm, for that sweet tooth in your life ... Check out these Chocolate covered Gummy bears from friendlycreationss

For all those eco-friendly eaters out there! These reusuable baggies from bellsandunicorns are a great way to help save the environment and recycle

If you are looking for some supplies to make something new, Artboxdesigns has many pieces to offer, like these twisted copper toggle clasps

For all those vintage lovers out there, CheekyVintageCloset has this beautiful Red and Grey Tablecloth

If you know someone who likes to travel in style, you can make them a cute passport cover with this pattern from BreeLeeD

Our final entry for this week is from glitzandglam85, for those who are young at heart, a fairytale wish and a happy ending for all. This cute "Alice in Wonderland" inspired jewelry box is for that woman in your life who will always be your little princess

Thank you all for checking out my Ten Dollar Tue$days blog feature, if you click the name's of of artists, it will take you to their listing. All listings mentioned here are $10 or less (not including if there are shipping costs)

Stay tuned for next week, we'll have a whole new list with all new artists and suppliers to help you promote handmade items at affordable costs :)