Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I <3 our kitties!

We have had our kitties since the beginning of this May ... we got them for free, from the same litter, at about 8 weeks old. Now let me start and say, I have never really been a cat person ... I grew up with doggies .. but my husband has had cats in the past and I was open to the idea, as long as I felt we got lucky with affectionate kitties. I think it's great that cats are independant, but come on now .. we all need some lovin', and especially that unconditional love from a pet.

Well, let me share with you, that our cats are independant, BUT they are so in your face affectionate, it's crazy. They are the greatest thing (dont tell our bulldog - hehe) .. our kitties actually come when they are called, and they will just cuddle right up on your chest (and get jealous of the other if the one is closer to my face), it's quite funny. We have had them now, like I said, since May, and they sure have developed their own personalities.

Their names are Zombie Chow and Zyla. Yes, Zombie Chow ... both of their names are actually homage to a game we used to play .. and those who played the game would recognize Zombie Chow's name ... Zyla on the otherhand was the second part of our little joke in our guild (And a toon name I used in that game) ... I would always say "Zombie Chow on Zyla" and our friends would always laugh through ventrilio, I guess it was the way i said it? who knows ... but anyways, we thought it would be fitting, since the kitties are alwaya playing, and at times, Zombie Chow (who is crazy furrier) would pounce on Zyla. It's quite funny actually, they are sisters and you can just tell that they love each other very much! Oh my goodness, don't seperate them for too long, Zyla has lungs on her that is just insane, oh and her purring ... OMG, we call them purr purr kitties, I sometimes have to put them in another room before I attempt to go to sleep it gets so loud!

This post really doesn't have much of a focus does it? Just all random stuff about our kitties - hehe ... anyone have a ramble about their pets? Wait till I talk about the bulldog next week - hehe

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  1. So cute - their eyes are incredible. I would love to get a kitten or tow - but my dog told me he would be very angry :)
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