Thursday, October 22, 2009

My husband is so clever!!!

My husband is my best friend, my buddy, my heart and soul! He is so creative and clever and witty, I dont know what I did before I met him ... well sure I know .. I was miserable ...

Anyways ... We are each other's best friend, we are goofy, lovey and everything else in between.

Our latest silliness includes signing up to win geeky stuff - like from tiger direct and compusa .. and now the newest one from - they are giving away a free laptop - just a leave a comment ... well Wayne's comment was hilarious!!

copied from the original post

<<Like an Honest computer geek my sin would be sloth! Gazing mindlessly into the endless abyss of the new and powerful beauty of the Envy 13. A man sits almost motionless in the dark room. In one hand the old faith Energy drink I take a sip. Placing it back on the desk fumbling for a spot around the 22 other empties it comes to a rest. Hunger is upon him again, but moving from this spot is not an option. Without breaking sight of the glow of excited plasma pixels dancing seductively before him. He blindly begins a search of his surroundings. Arms stretched out in either direction he hears success! A crinkly sound that can only mean one thing CHIPS!. Oh the joy reaching into the bag and quickly pulling out the contents and ramming into his awaiting Gob hole. “BLAH!” Stale WTF!
He breaks from the lustful glow if only a moment to examine the bag. “Best by 10/30/2009″ Surly these could not be stale already! He quickly looks to the bottom right hand of his computer screen.. Yes! yes! its 4 am. Thats standard. Clicking twice the calender appears Yes! yes! still October! and its only the 28th! Then he grows still, as if confronted by a horrible truth! He rubs his eyes, this cant be true. Looking once again with mouth gaped and eyes wider than that 2 girls 1 cup accidental forward to his boss incident. Its! its! 2011!!! He pauses and reflects; hmmmm! wonder if thats a record? And as if nothing has transpired begins to level a new toon. “The Envy 13 demands it!” >>

He is so silly! I love him so much!

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