Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Newbie Shops for November!!!

I know .. I know .. it's only October 7th, but I just thought of an idea and I want to get it out there now ... 1st off so I dont forget, and 2nd, to see if there is interest.

As my blog grows, with posts and followers, I would like to take the opportunity to help fellow etsians and promote thier shops too :)

So .. I was thinking ... Starting November 1st, 2009, I would include some newbie shops here (less than 15 sales and less than a year old) in my blog, in an initial blog post with a feature (a questionaire will be sent out to those interested) as well as along the side bars and help those I can in promoting their items. Then also tweet about them with items from their shop to boost thier traffic. Tweets on my own items gives me at least 20 additional daily hits - and my twitter followers grow on a daily basis - so more followers, more hits :) -

All I ask of the newbie shop is to provide me with a mini-etsy - in the same format that I asked of those promoting Breast Cancer Awareness items .. gallery style, 1 by 1 ... - then on a weekly basis I would rotate people through the bar to give them the best exposure I can.

We are all creative and we all have ideas and creations we want to share with the world .. and by working together we can all get the word out to buy and invest in handmade items.

So .. please leave a comment here on this post if you are interested ... and leave a link to your etsy shop. Towards the end of October I will contact everyone who is interested and depending how many, work out a rotation and such.

Thanks everyone for reading! Hope to see your Etsy shop soon!


  1. What a wonderful idea, I would be interested in taking part.

  2. I would love to be considered!

  3. I would love to be featured.

  4. I would love to be featured.

  5. What a nice offer! I would love to be included!

  6. That's a lovely idea - I'd love to be included too, thanks :-)
    I'm 6 months old with 6 sales.