Friday, September 18, 2009

Eco-Friendly crocheting!

So .. a while back I discovered the concept of plarn ... I played with it a little bit, and thought it was kinda silly, but unique in the same manner. Well today I went into Plarn overload - hehe ... I grabbed all the grocery bags we had in the house and cut them into the loops and then connected them and made this ....

I had to laugh when I found the Joann's bag .. and set it up .. I thought it was so fitting!

So then after making my little pouch from the grocery bags, and the blue is from best buy - hehe .. It was time to find some more ... so I grabbed a couple more bags and actually made a cute little pouch and that is my latest listing on etsy!!!

Eco-Friendly Plarn Pouch on Etsy

Let me know whatcha think :)


  1. Fantastic! I've been playing with plarn as well - I thought it would make good dish scrubbers, and it did but they only lasted 10 days before they had to be thrown out... back to the drawing board lol

  2. from what I understand the cotton yarn - like Lily's Sugar n Cream is supposed to be good for scrubbers :)