Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspiration .. Where does yours come from?

So .. to give my fingers a little break from crocheting wire .. (my left pointer finger is a bit raw and starting to form a callus - eew )... I've decided to give Amigurumi a try ... considering Rooty was an attempt with no pattern or what not .. I figured it was time to really learn it ... it's fun .. and so rewarding!

I found a really awesome website/blog with free patterns including a really cute and easy alien thingy head ...

Gabu is so cute! at the end of this post you will see my attempt .. overall pretty good (I love varigated yarn :) ... but I did notice I missed one row in the middle - so he's not at tall as he should be, but the pattern was so easy to follow - I can't wait to make another one! - The woman behind Roxycraft is so very talented! In her blog includes even you tube tutorials on different techniques to make this style of crochet even more enjoyable! (Thank goodness she shows how to make a circle with the 2-chain - I too can not figure out that silly magic circle!)

I just wanted to say thank you to Tamie of Roxycraft, while we have never spoken, or know each other, You have made reading patterns very easy, and your creatures are so amazing! You've inspired me to continue my adventures in Amigurumi.

I suggest anyone who is interested in Amigarumi to check out your talent and blog and wonderful projects!

SO .. here's my first attempt to a Gabu .. reading a pattern, using a marker and actually counting! Haha .. it all pays off! :)

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