Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!! or Happy Monday!

Well this is kinda a side note .. but to be able to learn a little more about me ... I'm a gamer ... and with the new game Aion out with an open beta - we've been checking it out and it's alot of fun! Now you are probably thinking .. what does this have to do with crochet and art? Well .. throughout the server restarts and lag times, I started a little side project. There is a little NPC called Rooty in the game .. a cute (yet ugly) ginger root in the game - and squeaks when it dies - sad i know :( ... But anyways ... I took some screenshots of this little guy, and thought, I can make one! Below is a photo of my monitor with the whole guy there, and then, here's the head I made ... I will be working on the body this week .. and will post more as I go ... silly I know .. but it's all about staying creative!

Have a great Monday and Holiday! Thanks for reading!