Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Wow ... that's really all I can say ... I joined Twitter the other night and I'm truly amazed ... I never realized how helpful it would be to market my items and shop and goodies! I've been on twitter for 3 days now ... and I have almost 100 followers! That is so cool! and I have noticed that if i post an item on etsy .. I'll be lucky to get a couple hits on the listing ... if I post it on Twitter .. OMG ... at least 20 more hits on the item! WOW ... I wish I started Twitter a long time ago! But now I'm learning the ropes and connecting with so many more people!

So ... are you on twitter? Comment on this post and I'll follow you :)

Thanks all for reading!

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  1. yes I am, I think I already follow you but I am spiritofgiving2. I agree with your, I get tons of hits off of twitter. I have almost 1300 follows, but it has taken a few months to get there. I would suggest doing searches like "etsy" and "handmade" etc and finding and following others like yourself. Also, RT good tweets and reply to others, it helps to get involved. Once I had 50 hits on a newly listed item in under 20 minutes!!. Welcome to the Twitter world, you never know where it may take us!!!

  2. I totally agree! Twitter is a wonderful way to get more people to browse your shop and hopefully buy! I love your looks great!

  3. I'm on twitter and I also notice a sharp spike in views after posting something there! Here's mine if you want to follow: