Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Week :) - working up to Sunday's Blog Giveaway !!

So I'm really excited about my next blog giveaway! I hope everyone is too :)

Here's a hint if you havent figured it out .. or suspected ... it will have something to do with scents and "smelliness" :) .... oh and total cuteness :) - hence the poll :)

Sunday I will launch the Blog Giveaway ... and then during the week I will launch a couple pieces of the collection on Etsy .. so blog followers will get a sneak peek :) - yippee :) (AND a chance to win a free item!)

So .. I just wanted to pop on here and touch base ... I'll post again tomorrow :)

Alrighty .. back to creating as usual .. I hope you all had a good week :) and thank you for reading!

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