Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What do you do to improve your shop without relisting or adding new items?

I've decided to re shoot some of my items ... with different backgrounds and using a detailed shot as my first photo than the whole item on some of them ... I'm trying to see what catches someone's eye to get them to see what I'm all about ...

When I first started on Etsy i just shot my items on a white cardboard display ... then I went to the blue fabric - which I really like .. but some items the blue gets over bearing ... so I went and looked in my fabric surplus and found the pinkish fabric and switched out some photos .. please take a look and let me know what you think :)

Creative Fly Designz on Etsy

What do you do to improve your shop's appearance without relisting and adding new items??


  1. I checked & like your pics! I have been working on mine, too! That's about what I've done lately, to try to improve! What do you think about my new shots?


  2. Hiya, It's hard to say eh? Some things look better with blue and some with pink and others seem to be lost in the background. The one with the green beads seems a little lost to me...
    I do think consistency either way will make your shop and it's items look extra fab :-)

  3. thanks a bunch on the input .. I'll go ahead and try the green beaded necklace against the pink .. maybe that will make it pop a little more :)

  4. Your pics are great! The background colours not only compliment the pieces, but they make them stand out! I agree with the pink though, sometimes it can compliment but doesn't do it justice at the same time. With green beads, try something a bit darker than pink - maybe purple? or go a different route completely and do a bright yellow? But for the most part, they're really good! I need to reshoot some pics myself. I was in such a rush to put on my Go Green items, that i took crappy photos. No wonder people aren't buying my photography when they see me take product shots like that! LOL. Granted it was with a small digital camera - not my Nikon D40! Oy. Great job on the photos! I deffinately need to get in gear and redo mine.
    As for anything else, i changed my banner recently, changed up my shop announcement and profile. That's about it!