Thursday, August 30, 2012

Creative Digital Photo Tweaking

I like to create a lot of things ... I have many started hobbies and projects ... some get sent to the "back burner" .. some stay up front ... one of my passions that pretty much stays with me everyday is my photography ... whether it's specifically going out for the day to shoot .. or even capturing a couple image ideas on my camera phone ... I'm always looking at my world in different perspectives. Tonight, I took my love for  photography and art to a whole different level. I shoot in digital format. And typically I'll use Photoshop to resize my image, and do slight tweaks to prepare them for printing. Tonight was a little different ... I took those same images I resize .. but I didnt do just a slight tweak ... I utilized the digital tool box in photoshop and gave a few of my photos a whole new dimension. Sure .. I've used the fun artistic filters to give my images a clip art feel and such, but tonight, I manipulated the entire photo by hand and mouse - and i'm quite pleased with the results. I've posted 3 of the images I tweaked this evening in my Etsy shop ... below are the images - if you click the image, it will take you to the Etsy listing, which should enable you to see the image larger. I do not think I will tweak ALL my photos with these effects .. but there are some photos I take that could use that extra angles and contrast to make them pop off the page.

I'd love to know what you think ... which one of these 3 pops out at you first?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Etsy Treasuries :)

Such an honor ... On Etsy, fellow members can post a collection of creatively crafted pieces for sale all on one page, called a treasury ... so far, since I've found my creative focus once again, I've been featured in quite a number of these treasuries. Here is a direct link of each treasury one of my pieces have been featured in. Please take a look at each link, that Etsy member did NOT have to include my piece, or anyone else in fact, and they did because they felt those pieces deserved to be a part of a specific collection ... to me, it's quite an honor to be part of that selected few.

Butterflies for Big People

I'm ready for my close up


Gulf Coast Crafters Team - A Walk in the Woods

Lost in Time, and lost in space; and meaning...

Paint a Magical Campground

}}}*Happy Trails to You*{{{

Autumn Joy

Wingin' It

Inspiration Station Treasury

So meany beautiful treasuries!!!!

Here is one that I put together of fellow Etsy member's photography pieces:

The Art Collector

AS always, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog and see what I am up to.

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Friends of the NRA Dinner

Last night was the Fort Myers Friends of the NRA dinner my husband and I, (and the rest of my family) attended, and it was a blast as usual!!! It was in a new location this year, Harborside Convention Center in downtown Fort Myers, and wow was the space needed! I was quite impressed with how the number of guests grew to over 350 people!!! Last year was about 150 ... What a great turnout! You are probably reading and wondering why I'm even mentioning this ... well last night I had a piece of photographic art on canvas in the silent auction for all to see, along with some mini-photo cards. It was very exciting to see my work out in that kind of setting. It was great to see a piece of my art and creativity have an opportunity to go into someone else's home for them to enjoy. I'm now on a search for other auctions and events where I can donate my pieces, to get my name out there locally and show my work.
Next year I will certainly enter another piece for the silent auction, and next year I also plan to submit a few framed pieces into the bucket auctions and if I can get the right image, a larger one for the live auction.(We've already been brainstorming ideas :)

For more information on the Friends of NRA, go here:

Here is the image that was printed on canvas in 3 vertical pieces:
Post a comment below if you see something that reminds you of "Love" in this image. The image you may see was NOT a photo manipulation, it was a happy accident a few photos in of shooting from this perspective :)

Click on any image in the gallery below to see all of my creative pieces for sale:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Yay! Moo Cards!!!

I'm excited! My Moo Cards came today!!! I love the way they look and feel. The design process was so easy too! The major thing that got me interested was that you can upload as many images for the front side of your card as you are ordering, and as a photographer - wow was that an awesome option!!! ... I ordered a pack of 50, so I could have had 50 individual images. I had about 23 that I wanted to use. I suggest any artist who is looking for professionally made cards to check them out. I had seen them a few years back, but never ordered any, and I'm so glad that I did!

If you're thinking of checking them out, if you use the following link, it'll give you 10% off

See below for a couple of snapshots of all my cards laid out!

A quick lil disclaimer ... I do not work for Moo, and they did not ask me to write about their product ... I'm just an excited photographer who wanted to share her thoughts on a product that she thinks is awesome!