Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Custom Digital Images Now Available

We went to the Magic Kingdom this past weekend and of course I brought my camera and had a mission ... I am still working on a bunch of photos that I took for a specific purpose .. but the one I am talking about right now kinda jumped out at me .. last minute .. as we were leaving the park.

In front of the park, just after the turnstiles sits the Train Station ... with beautiful landscaping, a plaquard side that states The Magic Kingdom, and now this year a big display that says "Let the Memories Begin" ... and 5 frames of images of people none of us know .. so the idea came to me to crop the image in a manner and format the image digitally so I can "cut out" those frames and put my own photos in there. And since the entire image is only 8" x 10" the holes for the frames are fairly small, so pretty much any type of photo works - from facebook, from cell phones ... even from screen shots of online galleries. If you know anyone else who has a love for Disney and is looking for a way to display those WDW memories, please feel free to share the Etsy link or this blog with them. I do plan to create more theme park based digital images in the future ... does anyone have any requests?

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