Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nature of Inspiration

I know I haven't posted in quite some time again ... thanks for checking in from time to time.

Real Estate is going well, and lots of creative juices are flowing ... sometimes inspiration seems like it's so far away, and yet .. sometimes it's in your own backyard, or in your family's backyard :)

My sister lives next door, and lives on a horse farm with a beautiful pond. Well the other day I went down to the pond and brought my camera with me ... and got some shots that I'm really happy with ... there is a funny story behind the sunflower shots ... back behind the pond is where they throw the muck piles ... well the horses are fed black oil sunflower seeds .. and well you can probably figure out the rest ... gotta love that fertilization!!

Any thoughts on these photos ... do you think they are marketable on Etsy as prints or digital files? I'd love any input


  1. I LOVE when nature inspires me...that's when I come up with my best work! Your photos are great! I LOVE the first one.

  2. amazing photos! i love the first one best, the dragonfly looks like he's posing for the photo!